Webinar ‘Mediation as a sophisticated business tool’ Wednesday 16 September 2020, 15.00-16.00 hrs., online

In order to contain, manage and resolve a business conflict mediation is an effective and efficient alternative to resolve the dispute. Being prepared is key, being flexible is important but grabbing the opportunity at the right time is instrumental in resolving the business dispute in mediation. When is the right time to mediate?

This webinar will explore the benefits of business mediation as a smart business tool. For example, failing to use a mediator to facilitate complex negotiations, such as M&A, might be a missed opportunity for all involved. Using mediation before a conflict escalates can be smart business. The speakers will discuss international business mediation, the pros and cons and how to eliminate the cons and make the pros work for you and your business.


Learning Goals
  • When to mediate a business conflict effectively and efficiently
  • What to look for when selecting a mediator
  • Using mediation as a business tool
  • When the conflict is complex, mediation can streamline the issues
  • Benefit from commentary from both EU and US experienced neutrals
  • Pursuing creative, collaborative solutions: what you don’t know you cannot use

Eric van Ginkel, International Neutral, Attorney (NL & US), Adjunct Professor University of Texas School of Law, member ICC Commission Arbitration and ADR, Austin

Shawn Conway, International Neutral, Attorney (NL & US),  member ICC Commission Arbitration and ADR, Rotterdam

Target audience

In-house counsel, mediators, arbitrators, corporate lawyers engaged in dispute resolution, insurance companies, compliance managers, international businesses, banks and all people dealing with corporate conflicts and business disputes.


After attending this webinar it is possible for Dutch attorneys to request a certificate of participation in order to receive a ‘PO-point.’ Upon receiving a passing grade for a short quiz you will receive the certificate, which is in compliance with the guidelines of the Dutch Bar, NOvA. Click here to read more about these guidelines. Please send an e-mail message with your request after attendance to info@icc.nl.


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