Webinar ‘ICC Identity Management Guide’ Wednesday 10 February 2021, 16.00-17.00 hrs., online

In a world where Know Your Customer (KYC) has become the norm in international trade the ICC Identity Management Guide provides insights and advice regarding data and identity management challenges international businesses face within their supply chains. International businesses need to overcome trade barriers while adhering to stringent compliance requirements within their supply chain. Reason for ICC Netherlands to start the conversation about the do’s & don’t in 2021.

Exporters and importers and their service providers (for logistical, banking, insurance and computer support services) need to be able to communicate with each other electronically with high quality, and often complex, data. This requires companies to make choices as to which data is considered relevant to their business processes and value chains. What are the risks, liabilities and obstacles? How do you select new business partners and to what extend can you depend on verifiable credentials? How do you balance it all?

In this webinar hands-on experts will discuss the various systems and requirements that currently apply to KYC, your business partners and suppliers as well and highlight the practical perspectives that relate to the entire supply chain, including finance, transport and compliance.

Kester Meijer, Director Operational Integrity, Compliance & Safety at KLM Cargo
Helène Erftemeijer, KYC Lead at ING
Yuri Florentinus, EMEA Regional Trade Compliance Manager at Cargill
Gerard Hartsink, Chair ICC Identity Management Working Group
Ben Radstaak, Director Innovation & Compliance at Air Cargo Nederland, member ICC Identity Management Working Group 

Preliminary programme


Digital platform opens


Welcome and introduction

By Marijke Wolfs, Secretary General ICC Netherlands


Conversation regarding Identity Management between Transport, Finance & Compliance

Innovation and sustainability are becoming increasingly important due to the growth of world trade, terrorist threats and the geopolitical situation. The rapid emergence of e-commerce and electronic communications only make this more important. How does this affect financing, transport and compliance in businesses? International businesses should adopt policies to ensure high quality identification of its business partners and suppliers. Time for our experts to have a conversation with practical examples from real life situations.

By Kester Meijer, Helène Erftemeijer, Yuri Florentinus and Ben Radstaak as moderator




Closing remarks

By Gerard Hartsink

Target audience                                                                                                                                                                                      International traders, exporters and importers, manufacturers, retailers, bankers, logistics managers, lawyers, in-house counsel and legal and compliance officers.

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