ICC publiceert met grote regelmaat nieuwe richtlijnen, beleidsstandpunten, aanbevelingen, standaarden, rapporten en vertalingen van eerder uitgebrachte publicaties. Hieronder vindt u de meest recente publicaties:

1. 2021 ICC Trade Register report: Global risks in trade finance
The ICC Trade Register measures global risk in trade and export finance. It provides provide an objective and transparent overview of the credit risk profile, as well as characteristics of trade, supply chain and export finance to inform policy and regulatory decisions, access to high-quality and up-to-date data on trade, supply chain and export finance, which can be incorporated into annual credit risk factor reviews and trade finance model calibrations and a common understanding of the international regulations affecting bank capital requirements for trade and export finance.

2. Global Business Priorities for the World Trade Organization
Drawn from extensive consultations from ICC’s business network, these recommendations provide a roadmap to enable the WTO to make the multilateral trading system better work for people and for the planet. This paper sets out 27 concrete recommendations, under five key priority areas, that the global business community would like Member States to address at the upcoming Ministerial Conference (MC12) and build into a work programme over the next few years.

3.Sustainability in Export Finance
This white paper presents for the first time product and policy recommendations to accelerate the flow of export financing towards sustainable activity globally. It provides a baseline of the industry’s current practices and priorities in regards sustainable export finance and policy and product recommendations that, if implemented, will help grow the flow of sustainable export finance.

4.ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics: 2020
The ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics report offers an in-depth breakdown of the numbers behind the continued growth of ICC Arbitration and ICC Mediation worldwide for 2020.

5. Open letter to Trade Ministers on WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotations
ICC has published an open letter to trade ministers ahead of the upcoming World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on fisheries subsidies. In this open letter, ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO calls upon trade ministers to come to rapidly conclude the fisheries subsidies negotations at the World Trade Organization.