ICC Webinar ‘B2B mediation in commercial disputes: what’s in the black box?’ Thursday 27 January 2022, 15.00-18.00 hrs., online.

In a world where time and cost are paramount and exceptional circumstances, such as those resulting from COVID-19, require quick actions, businesses recognize the benefits of mediation. Businesses need to decide how to address competing interests and how to maintain a financial and commercial relationship with other businesses when attempting to resolve a commercial dispute. By defusing conflict, encouraging dialogue and harnessing collective knowledge, businesses engaging in mediation can act swiftly, find their own solutions and avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. Mediation can therefore play a significant role in resolving commercial disputes locally, nationally and globally.

This webinar will address how to untangle the complex web of competing interests in B2B mediation in commercial disputes. Furthermore, recent developments with regard to the feasibility of mediation clauses and enforceability of mediation agreements will be discussed. Insight will be provided from the user’s perspective into the expectations of the parties. How do you preserve business relationships, manage risk, maintain profitability and reconcile competing interests? Do you want to resolve the dispute or do you want to resolve the problem that created the conflict in the first place? In short: ‘What’s in the black box?’

Learning goals
• Find out what to look for when choosing a forum for your international corporate disputes
• Learn when corporate mediation makes sense during commercial disputes
• Hear how to adjust your dispute resolution approach when dealing with competing interests
• Gain insights how to gain greater control over the outcome of the dispute
• Benefit from the analysis of actual cases and real life examples from the experts

• Ronald Austin, Moderator, Global Mediation Group, Senior Advisor to the International Real Estate Group, Clifford Chance, Chair of the Rules Revision Working Group, ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition, France
• Tuba Bilecik, Mediator, Lawyer, Former General Counsel Indeks Group, UN Global Mediation Panel Member, Turkey
Jonathan Lloyd-Jones Commercial Mediator with Independent Mediators, Distinguished Fellow and Treasurer of the International Academy of Mediators, Former Chair of Top 60 Law Firm U.K.
• Ava J. Abramowitz, Professorial Lecturer George Washington University Law School, former assistant United States attorney for the District of Columbia, U.S.

Preliminary programme


Digital platform opens


Welcome and introduction
By ICC Netherlands


Insight into commencing mediation; how does B2B mediation work for your business
By Ronald Austin

Joining the negotiating table; the business perspective and practical considerations
By Tuba Bilecik


Insight into the process; what to expect during and after mediation
By Jonathan Lloyd-Jones

Understanding the dispute; restoring power to the parties and the pitfalls to avoid
By Ava J. Abramowitz


Panel discussion and Q & A 



Target audience
In-house counsel, legal and compliance officers, corporate lawyers and mediators interested in the use of business mediation in dispute resolution. 

PO-Point/ PE-Point
It is possible to request a certificate of participation in order to receive ‘PO-points’ for Dutch attorneys or 2 ‘PE-points’ for MfN-register mediators, category 2. Upon receiving a passing grade for a short quiz the certificate will follow. This is conform the requirements by the Dutch BAR, the NOvA, and the MfN. Please send an e-mail message to smits@icc.nl to request the quiz after the webinar has been presented. MfN-register mediators will need to provide their MfN-register number.

Registration for this webinar is closed. For questions contact Pip N. Smits, Esq. at smits@icc.nl.