ICC publiceert met grote regelmaat nieuwe richtlijnen, beleidsstandpunten, aanbevelingen, standaarden, rapporten en vertalingen van eerder uitgebrachte publicaties. Hieronder vindt u een aantal van de meest recente publicaties:

1. ICC Cybersecurity Issue Brief #1
Following up on the ICC Policy Primer on Cybersecurity, this Issue Brief addresses (i) the expanding cybersecurity risk landscape with which businesses must contend, (ii) the wider economic and social impact of cybersecurity threats on the business community and communities more widely, and (iii) the urgent steps that governments must take to curb cyber threats and shield their citizens and economies from the destructive consequences of cyberattacks.

2. Global Industry Statement on the WTO Moratorium on Customs Duties on Electronic Transmissions
ICC has joined a global coalition of industry associations in a united call for renewal of urges the WTO to renew the Moratorium until the 13th Ministerial Conference. The statement, reflecting unified support from 73 associations active across six continents, highlights that allowing the Moratorium to expire would be a historic setback for the WTO, representing an unprecedented termination of a multilateral agreement in place nearly since the WTO’s inception.

3. Open letter to Ministers, COP26 Glasgow
Amidst COP26, ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO has written an open letter to ministers urging them to show real statesmanship and a willingness to make tough compromises during the final throes of COP26.

4. Open letter to Trade Ministers
Ahead of the 12th WTO ministerial conference (MC12), which was eventually postponed, ICC has issued an open letter to trade ministers calling for the leadership required to demonstrate a fit-for-the-21st Century World Trade Organization.